Optherium Labs obtained licensing in EU for its eWallet services and digital asset exchange

Optherium Labs obtained licensing in EU for its eWallet services and digital asset exchange

Optherium Labs, a global fin-tech company based in Europe, obtained licensing in the EU for its eWallet services* and digital currency exchange**. Optherium enables users to instantly convert digital currencies to fiat currencies, seamlessly, with near-instant transactions in a decentralized environment.

The unique technology and unmatched security permits individuals and corporations to easily and safely manage their digital and fiat assets. With Optherium’s eWallet services and mobile app, users will be able to buy, sell, and exchange currencies and make payments using their digital assets directly on their smartphones. These services are supported and secured by Optherium’s Ecosystem, without the need of a traditional centralized financial intermediary.

"The Optherium Ecosystem will change the way digital currency transactions are contemplated and completed," said Serge Beck, CEO of Optherium Labs. "Right now, digital currencies are not practical to use in most transactions, and the current infrastructure upon which digital currencies are traded is slow and highly insecure. We have solved these fundamental problems."

By obtaining the operational currency exchange licenses in Europe, the Optherium Ecosystem will also provide enterprise solutions to large eCommerce companies that wish to accept digital currencies with their payment systems. Optherium supports payment via NFC or QR Code, allowing anyone with digital currencies or native fiat currencies to transact with companies around the world using each party’s preferred currencies, seamlessly converting from one to the other.

"In any new industry, demonstrating compliance is absolutely critical. This is especially so in the developing digital economy," said Andrei Veressov, an attorney at Bright Law. "By securing licenses obtained in EU for both its exchange and wallet services, Optherium has positioned itself as a responsible and thorough leader in this new space."

Each element of the Optherium Ecosystem has been designed to address the three core problems of today’s blockchain industry: speed of conversions and confirmations, security of digital assets, and usability of digital assets. Optherium will fundamentally change blockchain technology into the NextGen basis of the e-commerce, banking, and financial industries.


* Virtual currency wallet service licence - https://mtr.mkm.ee/taotluse_tulemus/481230

** Crypto to fiat / fiat to crypto exchange licence - https://mtr.mkm.ee/taotluse_tulemus/481229#__ldandmed

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