Optherium™ has obtained US SEC approval

Optherium™ has obtained US SEC approval

Optherium™ has obtained U.S. SEC approval for its Regulation D filing, opening its MultiDecentralize™ Private Blockchains Network project to accredited investors in the U.S.

Known as the Optherium™ Ecosystem, the network acts as a MultiSecure™ environment for rapid digital-to-fiat transactions and sensitive data storage. Through Dynamic Biometrics™ verification and Hyperledger Fabric, Optherium is developing much needed solutions, including instant digital-to-fiat transactions, private Biometric Key Recovery Service, and a robust Know Your Customer service.

Optherium™ is also fully licensed in the European Union for its BitCrox™ digital currency exchange and wallet provider services, both of which are applications available on Optherium's Ecosystem. The functionality of the Ecosystem will also be extended to enterprises and financial institutions through custom private labeled products.

With SEC approval, Optherium’s Ecosystem is now available to accredited investors worldwide. Select investors will be invited to participate during a whitelist period.

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