Dynamic Biometric™ Verification by Optherium Labs

Dynamic Biometric™ Verification by Optherium Labs

With new breakthrough technologies and innovations, we find ourselves looking for the best solution to protect our valuable information with maximum security in the most intuitive way possible. That is why the biometrics market overall is expected to grow to more than $30 billion by 2021 and we believe cybersecurity has the potential to become one of the hottest industries globally by 2020.

Biometrics have unique applications in the financial services industry, they offer a convenient authorization method as users don’t have to write down or remember numbers, codes, or passwords. Banks and other financial institutions have turned to testing biometrics on particular markets, which means it won’t be long until biometric authentication goes mainstream and makes passwords irrelevant once and for all.

Optherium Biometrics-based verification depends on a group of private blockchain channels in the Ecosystem, each of which is responsible for a specific type of biometric data: dynamic facial movement, voice, and fingerprint. This user’s biometric template is encrypted and stored using patented Biometric Encryption™, Untraceable, and Cancelable Biometrics

Optherium Labs will create opportunities for enterprises to have a private-labeled product built for them within the Ecosystem. This will enable the enterprise to leverage the Optherium Ecosystem’s rapid transaction speeds, instant currency conversions and confirmations, Dynamic Biometrics™-based security verifications, and the Multi-Decentralized™ Digital Currency Exchange for their own benefits.

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