VivusPay™ – The First Mobile app powered by Optherium™

VivusPay™ – The First Mobile app powered by Optherium™

Optherium Labs eWallet VivusPay™ available now for download on AppStore


Google Play – an Android version coming later this month.
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VivusPay™ . Be your own bank

Use cryptocurrency in real life. 
Buy goods and services easily and safely by using instant person-to-person transactions, QR codes, and NFC

Key Recovery Service. 
Never lose access to your Wallet with VivusPay™. Restore all your digital assets with identity verification.

Crypto-to-Fiat / Fiat-to-Crypto.
Exchange your assets with VivusPay and withdraw money from any ATM in the world.

Multicurrency Wallet.
Top 10 crypto and fiat currencies available for exchange in your pocket.

Person-to-person instant transactions (P2P).
No intermediary and the lowest fees around; you are your own bank! Instant transactions and confirmations with more than 100,000 transactions per second.

MultiSecure technology.
MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network™ with up to 15 levels of protection and 100% privacy.

Licensed in the European Union for its Wallet Provider and Exchange Services.

Dynamic Biometrics™.
Use your face, fingerprint, voice and password for the advanced security of your digital assets.


MultiDecentralized P2P eWallet
Key Recovery Service
Multisecure Technology™
Instant transactions >100,000 tps
Crypto-to-fiat / Fiat-to-crypto
Dynamic Biometrics™
Multisignature Transactions
Multicurrency wallet
Visa / Mastercard


Test VivusPay™
10 OPEX tokens waiting for you inside your VivusPay™ eWallet
1 OPEX = $1 USD

Get +5 OPEX tokens
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